Welcome to Munich’s most traditional student club, situated in the heart of Olympiapark since 1975. Throughout its existence, the OlyDisco has been solely managed by a team of students, a characteristic that is reflected in every event.

  • OlyDorf Tradition: With a tradition spanning almost 50 years, OlyDisco stands as one of the oldest clubs in Munich. The vibes of the Olympics and the energy of generations of students permeate the atmosphere here. 🥳
  • Student Music 🎵: From 80s pop to SoundCloud rap, from melodic dance music to hard techno, our student DJs can deliver it all. Explore our events and discover the disco nights that suit your taste!
  • Drinks 🍸: Special student offers and drinks unique to OlyDisco are among our major distinguishing features. Although we haven’t been able to maintain the prices of our beer since the 1970s (🍺 for 1.20 DM), student prices remain our top priority.
  • Location: In the centre of OlyDorf next to U3, featuring two stages and two bars, OlyDisco is a venue that every OlyDorf resident has visited at least once.
  • OlyDisco Team: WE WANT YOU! Our team may not be the most professional, but we guarantee the most fun. If you’re new to Olydorf and looking to make new friends while having a great time, consider joining us at OlyDisco! 🎉
  • Student-council parties 👨‍🎓: Every semester, OlyDisco hosts various student council parties. Most famous among them is the Sportler-Party. If your council is in need of a great party, don’t hesitate to contact us.